‚ÄčThe ambiguity of the title, and the images in the book, stimulate a reflection on the human nature and the universal condition of war, peace, and the role played by Art. The title can be red as an observation, or as a statement. It is confusing, as it is confusing the nature of men, constantly talking about peace and goodness, and at the same time, making the world a place of pain and desperation. While the other two books include much of my own photography, this book is made only of found images, geometrical figures and drawings.  This is the furthest point I have traveled in my research from the field of photography. From this point, I began my way back to my artistic roots.

Technical description: 
Dimensions : cm 23,5x24
Pages : 16
Edition : 99
Electrophotographic print in black
Screen printed in silver on two pages and cover
Off set print on endpapers
Recycled black paper 
Cover in black linen 
Hand bound in Perugia, Italy. 

 More War, Less Art