As I am self-taught it has allowed me to absorb, steal, copy and search for inspiration just as a truffle dog searches for truffles! 
My technical background began working as an assistant to several great photographers and then collaborating with other artists, and craftsmen.  Learning from so many has made it possible for my artistic sensitivity to be "built in". My critical approach to reading and interpretation of Art also comes from my University studies in visual Anthropology. 
The Melding of art and handicraft is an important part of Italian culture. As a result, I embrace researching and developing new techniques and styles via a slow, sophisticated and exacting hand process. This is an “old fashioned” method of connecting the brain with the hands without a computer in between. 
The visual concepts that drive my studio practice are symbolism, minimalism, and optical Art:  I have a continuing interest in Contemporary Art in general, and in particular, the work of artists using photocopies, screen-printing, drawing and collage. 
Over time these techniques have crossed over into my photography, and the outgrowth of this has led to the creation of my experimental pieces, some large scale installations, as well as set designs for theatre performances and as well as limited edition books.

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