Artist's books

These limited edition books present photographic techniques, drawing, screen printing and other media. I design these books, and print them in my studio. I have been working with many different printing machines, until I found the optimal one, perfect for my work. I can print 4 colours, one at a time (black, white, red and blue). The result is tridimensional multi-layer prints. My books are numbered and signed, and hand bound in Perugia, Italy.

I have always loved Artist’s and limited edition books, and made the production of these one of the most important areas of my work.  I design, print and publish my books. Each copy is numbered and signed, and of the highest manufacturing quality.

The three volumes shown on this website have a subject in common: the power of man over man. In my first book, I started looking at propaganda and the form it takes in architecture (the EUR book), in the next book, I visually explored imperialism (Decadence, Darkness, Empire) and in the last one, the focus is on symbolism (More War, Less Art). Each of the books look at these subjects from a different visual perspective, but the statement remains the same.

From atomic bomb, to hard core pornography through concentration camps, a juxtaposition of images reveals it all.