Darkness, Decadence, Empire

‚ÄčThis book was produced during the George W. Bush era. The decadence and the darkness of that period reminded me of the collapse of many other political systems in the past, and the corruption and craziness of its leaders. At the same time the book is a homage to the great city of New York, its history and architecture. Extraordinary places, bridges, buildings and monuments are shown like archeological sites, belonging to the past.  The Empire State Building like the Coliseum, the Brooklyn bridge like the Pyramids. Reminiscences of a past Empire.

Technical description:
Dimensions : cm 24x24,5
Pages : 28
Edition : 280
Multi layer electrophotographic print in white, black, blue and red
Screen printed in silver on two pages and cover
Recycled black paper 
Cover in black linen 
Hand bound in Perugia, Italy.