The Grinding Doom

The subject of this series of photographs are gas stations, at night, in the rain. A photographic journey exploring the underground of the human environment.

Metaphorically, these places are the unconscious: Dark, mysterious, unknown. Once there, get out as soon as possible. An unfriendly location that makes one feel uncomfortable.

Yet, it is a mandatory stop on the journey. Fill the tank, buy candies and perhaps some water, and go. A few minutes later everything will be forgotten.

Apparently, it has had no importance in life.

These photographs are printed on black recycled paper and on packaging paper with Electrophotography (LED head), with organic photoconductor drum and closed toner system. The print is then incorporated on thick linen canvas, and mounted on a stretcher. The work comes in different sizes : cm 30x62, 70x100 and 100x150.